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Amateur Aircraft Test Pilot is the Federal Aviation Administration advisory circular titled Amateur-Built Aircraft & Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook (AC No. 90-89A). The advisory circular sets forth suggestions and safety related recommendations to assist amateur and ultralight builders in developing individualized aircraft flight test plans.

The flight test plan is the heart of all professional flight testing. The plan should account for every hour spent in the flight test phase and should be adhered to with the same respect for the unknown that all successful test pilots share. The time allotted for each phase of a personalized flight test plan may vary, and each phase may have more events or checks than suggested in this AC. The goals, however, should be the same.

The two goals for an amateur builder/ultralight owner should be:

(1) At the end of the aircraft’s flight test phase, the aircraft will have been adequately tested and found airworthy and safe to operate within its established operational envelope.

(2) Incorporation of the flight test operational and performance data into the aircraft’s flight manual so the pilot can reference the data prior to each flight.

This app will assist the amateur/ultralight owner to develop a detailed flight test plan, tailored for their aircraft and resources.

App content includes:

  • Airport Selection
  • Emergency Plans and Equipment
  • Test Pilot
  • Weight and Balance
  • Powerplant Tests
  • Propeller Inspection
  • Taxi Tests
  • First Flight
  • First 10 Hours
  • Maximum Gross Weight Tests
  • Service Ceiling Tests
  • Ultralight Engine and Fuel System Inspection
  • Ultralight Test Flying
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