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The Army Sniper app is the U.S. Army’s official field manual and provides information to train and equip sniper and to aid them on their missions and operations. Army Sniper includes over 800 pages of great content.

This app is organized as a reference for snipers and leads the trainer through the material needed to conduct sniper training. Subjects include equipment, weapon capabilities, fundamentals of marksmanship and ballistics, field skills, mission planning, and skill sustainment.

Learn about:

  • Sniper weapon systems
  • Ammunition
  • Sniper sighting devices
  • Communications equipment
  • Marksmanship
  • Ballistics
  • Effects of weather
  • Engagement of moving targets
  • Camouflage
  • Movement
  • Selection of sniper positions
  • Target detection and selection
  • Range estimation
  • Insertion
  • Extraction and recovery
  • Tracking and counter tracking

Army produced complete, clear, and thorough guide to map reading and navigation available and we’ve brought it to the iPhone.

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