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Get in Army shape with the Army Boot Camp Training app. Soldier physical fitness is acquired through the challenge of a precise, progressive and integrated physical training program. This manual prescribes execution of the Army Physical Readiness Training (PRT) system and gives you the tools and information to get in shape.

The Army assesses, plans, prepares and executes training and leader development through training based on tasks, conditions and standards. Knowing the task, assessing the level of proficiency against the standard and developing a sustained or improved training plan is the essence of all Army training.

Physical Readiness Training (PRT) will get you in shape. The app includes these chapters:

  • Principles of training
  • Training systems
  • Types of training programs
  • Planning considerations and goal setting
  • Multiple exercise programs including images and descriptions of all exercises
  • Preparation and recovery programs and exercises
  • Strength and mobility programs and exercises
  • Endurance and running programs and exercises
  • Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)
  • Posture and body mechanics

This app -

  • Provides you with a framework for physical fitness training.
  • Reflects lessons learned in battles past and present, time-tested theories and principles and emerging trends in physical culture.
  • Explains training requirements and objectives.
  • Provides instructions, resources and reasons why physical fitness is important.
  • Allows you to adapt your fitness training to your capabilities.
  • Guides leaders in the progressive conditioning of Soldier strength, endurance and mobility.
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