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U.S. Army Soldier Combat Skills is the Soldier’s Field Manual. It tells the Soldier how to perform the combat skills needed to survive on the battlefield. U.S. Army Soldier Combat Skills app is the Army’s Field Manual 3-21.75, The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills.

This app field manual provides Soldiers the doctrinal basis for the Warrior Ethos, Warrior Tasks, and other combat-critical tasks. It also updates weapon, equipment, and munitions information.

Chapters include:

  • Individual Readiness
  • Combat Care and Preventive Medicine
  • Environmental Conditions - Desert, Jungle, Artic
  • Cover, Concealment and Camouflage
  • Fighting Positions
  • Movement
  • Urban Areas - Movement Techniques, Fighting Positions
  • Combat Marksmanship
  • Communications
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
  • Mines, Demolitions and Breaching Procedures

U.S. Army Soldier Combat Skills shows you what it takes to be part of a well-trained team, backed by the most powerful combined arms force, and the most modern technology in the world.

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