Business Valuation Available at the App Store
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Business Valuation enables you to quickly and easily value a business using the discounted cash flows (DCF) valuation method.

The app includes tools to adjust projected earnings to free cash flow for a five year projection period. It also includes build-up tools to calculate the discount rate or weighted average cost of capital (WACC). Just like a spreadsheet, when you change an input the valuation changes.

In a matter of minutes you can create, adjust and email a DCF valuation.

Business Valuation also includes two quick DCF valuation models that enable you to calculate business valuations in less than a minute. The models use 1 or 5 years of free cash flow, a discount rate and a long-term growth rate to calculate a DCF valuation.

Business Valuation allows you to use the valuation method the pros use. If you need to know what a business is worth you need Business Valuation.

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