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Ten-year-old fifth grader West Tate loves living in an old farmhouse in Sutherlin, Oregon, where he has seven acres of unused farmland for his backyard. But that happiness is threatened when the family receives a letter from the bank demanding they pay their loan or risk losing the farmhouse and the land forever.

In West's adventures, he and his dog Friendly cleverly save the life of a baby turtle that West names George, and they rescue a baby squirrel they call Nadia. George uses a remote control helicopter to seek revenge on an evil crow and finds a secret pond! Along the way, George learns to understand the critical importance of friendship, family and freedom. The bare essentials of life itself!

While helping West with a book report, the animals discover an old map of Sutherlin in a library book. The map doesn’t show the farmhouse, but it does show something even better—B.B.’s Gold Mine! Determined to return the kindness West showed them, George and his pals set out to save the farm!

About the Author

Scott Waring holds a masters degree in counseling education and BA in elementary education. Waring now lives in Taiwan and has owned an English school for nine years. He has taught English to hundreds of children in his school. He often uses humor and elements of surprise to add excitement to classroom lessons.

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