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The Grenade Machine Gun app is the U.S. Army training manual for the MK 19, 40-mm grenade machine gun, model (MOD) 3 (Field Manual 3-22.27). This manual highlights mechanical training, weapon capabilities, and gunnery principles, methods, techniques, and standards that apply to the MK 19. It also includes preliminary gunnery, gunnery tables, and qualification tables.

The MK19 was first developed by the Navy in the early 1960's and has since been modified and deployed by the Army. The MK 19 (often called the "Mark 19") is belt fed, blowback operated, air cooled, crew served, fully automatic weapon with a firing rate of over 350 grenades per minute and an effective range of over 2200 meters.

The primary ammunition for MK 19 is the high explosive 40mm grenade that will pierce armor up to 2 inches thick.

The U.S. Army uses the MK 19 within the tactical environment for defense, patrolling, rear area security, and special operations.

If you are interested in guns, military training or grenades, this app is one you won’t want to miss.

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