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On Guerrilla Warfare by Mao Tse-tung is the thoughts and philosophy of guerrilla warfare. It is a textbook for waging revolution in underdeveloped and emergent areas throughout the world.

Guerrilla warfare is the unconventional warfare and combat in which a small group of combatants use mobile tactics in the form of ambushes and raids to combat a larger and less mobile formal army. The guerrilla army uses ambush and mobility in attacking vulnerable targets in enemy territory.

Mao, analyzes the nature and conduct of guerrilla warfare, and considers its implications for American policy. It is important to understand his philosophy of guerrilla warfare because it is the basis of today’s guerrilla forces. The tactics of guerrilla warfare were used successfully in the 20th century by the Viet Cong and the North Vietnam Army in the Vietnam War and are being used by most factions of the Iraqi Insurgency and groups such as FARC.

The will help on understand the strategies of guerrilla warfare.

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