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Marines must have the versatility, flexibility, and skills to deal with any situation at any level of intensity across the entire range of military operations. The Marine Corps Pistol Marksmanship app is the manual used to train Marines. This app provides you with the tactics, techniques, and procedures for range and field firing the M9, 9-mm service pistol.

Whenever the situation warrants the application of deadly force, a Marine must be able to deliver well-aimed shots to eliminate the threat. A Marine who is proficient in pistol marksmanship handles this challenge without escalating the level of violence or causing unnecessary collateral damage. It is not enough to simply provide Marines with the best available firearms; they must also ensure their training prepares them to deliver accurate fire against the enemy under the most adverse conditions without hesitancy, fear, or uncertainty of action. A well-trained Marine is confident he can protect himself, accomplish the mission, and protect his fellow Marines. To be combat ready, a Marine must be skilled in the tactics, techniques, and procedures of pistol marksmanship and diligent in the proper care and maintenance of the M9, 9-mm service pistol.

Chapters include:

  • M9 Service Pistol
  • Weapons Handling
  • Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship
  • Pistol Firing Positions and Grip
  • Use of Cover and Concealment
  • One-Handed Techniques
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Low Light and Darkness Techniques

The Marine Corps Pistol Marksmanship app is the Marine Corps’ source document for pistol marksmanship and provides the doctrinal basis for Marine Corps pistol marksmanship training.

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