Navy Diving Manual Available at the App Store
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The U.S. Navy Diving Manual is perhaps one of the best sources of diving information in the world and it is now available in app format. The Navy Diving Manual app includes over 1,000 pages of diving information (now updated to include ACN 2/R7) and over 20 diving related calculators.

The Navy Diving Manual was developed to promote advanced and safe diving practices. While you may not have all the equipment available to Navy divers, the principles of diving are the same.

The Table of Contents for all 5 volumes included this app is:

Volume 1

    01 History of Diving
    02 Underwater Physics
    03 Underwater Physiology
    04 Dive Systems
    05 Dive Program Administration
    Appendix 1A Safe Diving Distances
         from Transmitting Sonar
    Appendix 1B References
    Appendix 1C Telephone Numbers
    Appendix 1D List of Acronyms

Volume 2

    06 Operational Planning
    07 Scuba Air Diving Operations
    08 Surface-Supplied Air Diving Operations
    09 Air Decompression
    10 Nitrogen-Oxygen Diving Operations
    11 Ice and Cold Water Diving Operations

Volume 3

    12 Mixed-Gas Diving Theory
    13 Mixed-Gas Operational Planning
    14 Surface-Supplied Mixed-Gas
         Diving Procedures
    15 Saturation Diving
    16 Breathing Gas Mixing Procedures

Volume 4

    17 Closed-Circuit Mixed-Gas UBA Diving
    18 Closed-Circuit Oxygen UBA Diving

Volume 5

    19 Diving Disorders Not Requiring
         Recompression Therapy
    20 Diving Disorders Requiring
         Recompression Therapy
    21 Recompression Therapy
    22 Recompression Chamber Operation
    Appendix 5A Neurological Examination
    Appendix 5B First Aid
    Appendix 5C Dangerous Marine Animals

If you are a diver you’ll want this app.


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