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The Navy requires an extraordinarily high level of total body physical fitness. A combination of muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness is essential to carry out assigned missions. To train most effectively for these physically demanding tasks, Navy personnel need clear, concise, and authoritative guidance on physical fitness training. The Navy created Peak Performance Through Nutrition and Exercise to meet this need. We have converted the guide to an app containing nearly 500 pages of unparalleled content.

Peak Performance Through Nutrition and Exercise is comprehensive resource specifically tailored to address the unique physical fitness and nutrition requirements of Navy personnel.

This app will assist you in your efforts to gain or maintain a high level of physical fitness by combining sound nutritional and physical fitness practices. An overview of basic nutrition and physical fitness programs including aerobic conditioning and strength training are provided. Information for designing exercise programs for individuals at various levels of physical fitness is provided in this guide. Also, many people take nutritional supplements to enhance physical performance. The benefits and risks associated with using performance enhancing supplements are discussed. In another chapter women’s issues such as nutrition and exercise during pregnancy and lactation are discussed. Moreover, resources used to prepare this guide, including websites for various Naval Commands and Civilian organizations involved in health promotions, are provided.

Use this app and the ideas presented will enable you to form healthy eating practices and to exercise regularly.

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