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The Surviving Terrorism app is the Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP) 3-02E, The Individual’s Guide for Understanding and Surviving Terrorism. It provides guidance to individual Marines (private through general officer) and their dependents and now you on terrorism and its effects. This reference publication gives an overview of terrorism, explains antiterrorism individual protective measures, and what to do if taken hostage.

Learn about:

  • Terrorism Strategy and Perspectives
  • Today’s Threat
  • Types of Terrorist Incidents
  • Bombings
  • Kidnappings and Hostage-Takings
  • Armed Attacks and Assassinations
  • Arsons and Firebombings
  • Hijackings and Skyjackings
  • Intentions of Terrorist Groups
  • General Characteristics of Terrorist Groups
  • Crime Prevention Measures
  • Soft and Hard Targets
  • Identification of the Threat
  • Visibility
  • Identified as an American
  • Identified as Someone of Importance
  • Identified as a Target of Opportunity
  • Special Precautions for Children
  • Home Physical Security
  • Telephones
  • Letter Bombs and Biological Mailings
  • Vehicle Bomb Search
  • Detecting Surveillance
  • Attack Recognition
  • Escape, Evade or Confront
  • Incident Reaction
  • Bombs
  • Armed Attack or Assassination
  • Arsons and Firebombings
  • Hijackings, Skyjackings, and Kidnappings
  • Situational Awareness
  • Defense Mechanisms
  • The Stockholm Syndrome
  • Releases and Rescue Attempts
  • Releases
  • Rescue Attempts
  • After the Release
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