Web Design and Usability Guidelines Available at the App Store
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Web Design and Usability Guidelines is your guide for developing usable and useful Web sites. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services researched, compiled and published information on usability and user-centered design as a set of guidelines.

The guidelines were developed to assist Web managers, designers, usability specialists, and others create Web sites that are highly responsive, easy-to-use, and useful. This app brings these best practices and guidelines to you. The app includes the guidelines including the background and methodology, a glossary, appendices, sources, and the author Index.

The guidelines cover:

  • design process and evaluation
  • optimizing the user experience
  • accessibility
  • hardware and software
  • the homepage
  • page layout
  • navigation
  • scrolling and paging
  • headings, titles, and labels
  • links
  • text appearance
  • lists
  • screen-based controls (widgets)
  • graphics, images, and multimedia
  • writing Web content
  • content organization
  • search
  • usability testing

Web Design and Usability Guidelines will help you create usable and useful Web sites.

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