Powered by ClearCut

Text and static images are great for printed books and ebook readers and converting books to ebook apps works for some books but not for others.

Imagine the additional content and interactive you could incorporate into an iPhone app.


ClearCut is a smartphone publishing platform and visual reference information reader that presents content tailored for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

ClearCut’s user interface is clean, simple and unobtrusive to enhance and facilitate the user’s interaction with the content.

In addition, ClearCut makes full use of the unique capabilities of the iPhone and iPod Touch by allowing readers to use their fingers to scroll down the page, flip through pages, and pinch to resize text and images.

ClearCut is connected to a publishing system that enables content to be quickly and efficiently converted into an app and published on the iTunes App Store.

ClearCut delivers the next generation ebook and publishing system.