Available at the App Store Word Twiddle - Inspiration Generator Random Word Generation

Stimulate your creative brain!

Word Twiddle is an iPhone/iTouch app that boosts your problem solving and creative thinking using random word stimulus.

Random word stimulus is the most dynamic brainstorming technique designed to trigger your brain’s natural creative thinking process. Random words encourage you to view a problem from a new direction, fueling the creation of quality ideas. Each new set of words broadens your creativity.

Word Twiddle includes over 53,000 words categorized into lists created to compliment each other and stimulate different types of ideas. To use Word Twiddle, select 1 to 3 inspiring word lists and start Twiddling. With the ability to choose up to three word lists, you receive optimum word stimulus. More relevant stimulus means you create more quality ideas.

The need for inspiration can strike at any time. Do you need to create a new product, write a school paper or even name your goldfish? With Word Twiddle on your iPhone, brainstorming is mobile. Now you can create ideas whenever and wherever you the need them.

Word Twiddle won’t let new ideas get away or force you to break the creative flow and write it down. Simply hit the Keep button and continue Twiddling. Word Twiddle will save the Twiddle to your Keepers list file for later review. You can also easily share your Twiddle and Keepers with others through email.

Creative solutions, products and thinking start with great ideas. Word Twiddle will stimulate and inspire your brain.

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